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It's Wednesday October 27, 2021

Why not the Electrician ?

Just because it may have wires, does not mean it's a job for the electrician.

Electricians have distinct trade licenses and specialize in the electrical wiring systems that safely provide the electric power throughout our homes and businesses, which is obvious by the title "Electric-ian".

Security, fire alarm, cameras, TV, home theater, audio, video, network systems are all actually "Electronic" systems, not "Electrical" systems.

"Electronic" systems are specialty systems that demand particular skills, experience and tools to design, configure, program and maintain. Some systems require specific trade licenses, which many electricians do not even have. Installing and servicing these systems typically call for factory training as well as knowledge and ongoing study of specific code requirements that are distinct and apart from electrical power.

There is very little time for well intended "electricians" to acquire the additional training, expertise, and focus needed to skillfully perform electronic systems work along side the intricate electrical power work they do every day.

Electronic Systems are generally not what electricians do best.

  Why We Are Better

We are also licensed and authorized by the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety to install, service, or maintain any type or level of security system.

For more on our training and licenses compared to electricians, see our Industry Licenses page.

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