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Data Network

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Business Network Components

The network is the heart of any business.

What happens when your network is slow, or is down? So many business tools rely on the network. Computers, printers, servers, wifi, phones, machinery, time clocks, registers, POS, inventory, cameras, access control, audio, video, security systems etc., etc.

You may have poor network performance and just not know it. Things can be quite sloppy and the network will still function, however not very efficient.

Many times the distribution wiring and termination become left to the local well intending electrician, or IT staff themselves who may not be specifically trained or certified in Bicsi standards for structured cabling, fiber cabling, terminations and methods for proper design and installation practices of the actual inside physical plant itself.

"Inside Physical Plant" is the infrastructure of patch cords, patch panels, horizontal cabling(cat5. cat6, cat7, fiber, etc.) wall drops, wifi and so on, between the internet gateway, router, server, IT room, etc., and any computers or smart devices on the other end using the network.

Most of the attention is paid to the network intelligence only, and the rest is assumed transparent. Patch panels, cabling, connections, environment(EMI-electro magnetic interference), etc., and many other possible problems with the "Inside Physical Plant", which can cause many issues, become inadvertently neglected,

There are many links in the physical network chain. If just one area is weak, or has a problem, it can bog down everybody.

Structured cabling is not magic. There are many reasons behind how and why it works, and when and why it fails.

IT staff generally are not trained, licensed, or set up to professionally run network cabling, and electricians, though skilled at running wires, usually are not specifically trained about network cabling and Inside Physical Plant.

We have the tools, and specialized training. It's smarter to let the specialists do what they do best. Let the electricians run the power, and the IT guys run the servers. We can keep your data transport infrastructure at its best for your needs.

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