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Data Network

(For Home)

Wireless Devices

Remember Dial-up? It was high performance not that long ago.

One could boast if they were enjoying the upper speeds of the ridiculously slow 1440kbps. Point being, technology continues to move forward fast. Maybe you're technically savvy and can get by with sorting out what you find sifting through the web, or advice from a store clerk.

However, most people find it a nuisance trying figure out what's what, old, new, outdated, updated, etc., and prefer a qualified resource, who is regularly trained to do the work, not to just sell whats on the shelf, or write a blog.

Internet of Things

Everyone has electronic systems in their home. their computers, game consoles, TV services, video streaming, etc.

The infrastructure between your content service provider and all of the devices you use is important, but gennerally ignored.

We can fine tune your network by fixing or bolstering wifi issues, gracefully run cabling if needed. In general get the network healthy, and get everybody to play nice with each other.

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