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You need a professional that truly knows flat panel-HD TVs.

We are the professional specialists that regularly install TVs on drywall, plaster, lath, wainscot, panel, concrete, brick, and stone walls. On poles, over fireplaces, on lifts, in custom and standard cabinetry, etc.

We also have flat panel TVs and brackets specifically designed to be installed outside. We take care of all cables and wires resulting in a neat clean installation with wires appropriately dressed or concealed.

Just an example...

The HDMI cable that got installed over the fire place may not be quite able to deliver a full High Definition signal to your TV.  But, you do see a clear looking picture.
Down scaling and error correction will "alter to fit" before the picture outright fails.

Digital is digital, and it is argued, if the data makes it point to point, it's perfect, so use the least expensive cables and methods you can... Right?  Sometimes...

The message may be digital, however the modulated carrier still is inherently analog. Resistance, voltage drop, RF, EMI, etc., can and will interfere causing pieces of data to become lost or damaged along the way. This is expected but can only be managed by error correction to a point.

Even within normal tolerances, resolution gets decreased to maintain an intact image, so you may not be seeing the resolution you're expecting. It's not until errors and loss occur excessively that you will actually start to see image pixelation or other distortions.

With ultra high resolutions, it is practically guaranteed to be downscaled by the time it reaches the display.

These high resolutions require ideal performance from the signal path, and cable itself. Unfortunately there are many poor cables and bad advice available every day on the internet and at the box stores.

We understand the requirements to deliver true High Def to your eyes. Why not get the most out of your Hi Def TV.

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