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It's Wednesday June 12, 2024

It is or it isn't?

So is it a Security System? Or isn't it a Security System?

Xfinity/Comcast®, is not licensed in Massachusetts to install or service security systems. The state legally challenged that Xfinity® must obtain the required licenses, or stop installing "security" systems. However, after many months of exhausted appeals, Xfinity®, within hours of their impending hearing, quietly met with the Massachusetts Attorney General's office. After the meeting, the Massachusetts Attorney General's office surprisingly announced its determination that the "Xfinity® Home Security System" was not actually a security system, therefor Xfinity/Comcast® can continue to install their system without being licensed, because their system is not really a "security" system.

(The Attorney General's language: "the Xfinity® system does not constitute a security system.")

Xfinity®/Comcast® however, continues to call it a Security System on their web site, commercials, etc.

And, they also advertise that they will work with your existing non Xfinity® system, which has not been exempted.

It's not clear if the Xfinity® "security" system is so significantly inferior that Massachusetts won't even recognize it as a security system, or maybe Xfinity®/Comcast® provided some other reason for the attorney general to interpret what obviously is a security system, as somehow not a security system.

What is clear, Xfinity®/Comcast® in reality, is installing a security system that is discordantly defined as "not a security system".

This uniquely exempts Xfinity®/Comcast® from the existing state requirements for electrical licenses, and validated criminal background checks which remain a requirement for any other contractor or provider to install "security systems".

Electrical licenses and criminal background checks are public safety requirements in place to assure competent non felon professionals on your property, handling your security in compliance with Massachusetts law and codes.

Any company, which would normally include Xfinity®/Comcast®, that wishes to comply with state licensing, must certify, by using the specific process the licensing mandates, non felon technicians as well as provide technically, the code compliant systems and installation that licensing also provides.

Xfinity®/Comcast® certainly can afford the cost of the required licensing, rather, they spent a lot of money to become exempt instead. Why? Opinions within the industry feel that regardless of cost, it just may not be possible for Xfinity/Comcast® to meet the other requirements.

Many companies and contractors in Massachusetts endure the cost, efforts and meet the requirements of the rules on the books in Massachusetts...

Is it or isn't it a security system? Massachusetts determined it is not. So if you are looking for a "security system", Xfinity® legally does not make the cut.

The state gave Xfinity/Comcast® a pardon, but you should not.

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