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Big Brand, "DIY", On-Line, Cable, Etc.

Be aware of highly marketed, lightwieght, bundle systems, "Do It Yourself" kits, etc., from large big brand, on-line, and cable companies.

These systems are of rudimentary design, all very similar, may be easily circumvented, and generally have only call center style, or email customer service.

They may not meet the Massachusetts definition of an actual security system, therefor may fall outside the requirement for the provider to be licensed.

This means that these products likely do not meet applicable state codes and industry standards. Sales people, installers, etc., also may not meet the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety criminal background requirements to install and service security systems.

These systems are also proprietary to the individual provider

This means that forever, regardless of any contract, only that provider can service your system. Also proprietary systems generally can not be integrated with anything else beyond the provider's options, which can be very limited.

Additionally, the cable bundle system is contingent upon using the same providers internet service. So if you should choose to change the internet provider, your security system will no longer work.

These proprietary systems are really throw-away systems, because if you choose to change your service provider, you will likely have to throw away your system and buy all new equipment from scratch.

The providers have your information and can remotely access your system.

Sales people, installers, customer service, all know about and can access your system, cameras, etc. They learn all about you, your codes, your work schedule, etc., etc., and HAVE ACCESS to your system and your sensitive information.

Do you want just anyone to have the ability to access your systems this way?

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